turtle care

all recent sea turtle species are endangered due to human activity. not only hunting and consumption of eggs, but also pollution of the ocean and destruction of breeding beaches decreased the population dramatic.

What We are doing...

Buying eggs from local people our aim is to put a definitive end to turtle trade by encouraging the public not to consume turtle products.

Rearing of baby turtle

we are helping the turtles to hatch and provide everything they need as long as they are strong enough to survive by themselves.after one month we release them into the ocean

Rescuing hurt turtle

we give injured turtle a home care for them . come to beautiful Serangan island and experience the island's hospitality. see and learn about these exotic and graceful turtles

Out of the seven sea turtles species, Three of them are kept and raised in the center: the Green sea turtle, the Hawksbill sea turtle, and the Olive Ridley sea turtle

Green sea turtle ( Chelonia Mydas )

Size : 78 - 112 cm

Weight : 68 - 190 kg

Distribution : Tropical and Subtropical ( atlantic, indian and pacific ocean)

Conservation status : Endanger

Hawksbill sea turtle ( Eretmochelys Imbricata)

Size : 90 - 100cm

Weight : 80 -  100kg

Distribution : tropical (atlantic,indian, and pasific ocean)

Conseration status : critical

Olive Ridley sea turtle ( Lepidochelys Olivacea )

Size : 60 - 70 cm

Weight  : 25 - 46 kg

Distribution : tropical ( atlantic, idian and pacific ocean)

Conservation status: vulnerable