About Us

Turtle Conservation And Education Center( TCEC) opened by the governors of Bali, Mr Dewa Beratha (20 January 2006) On Serangan island of Bali .TCEC is developed as part of the Comprehensive strategy to eradicate illegal turtle trading on the island .Established on a land of 2.4 ha, the TCEC is trying to support the community of Serangan to  find the alternative beside illegal turtle business. The center harness the potential education, tourism, conservation and research with a liberal sprinkling of business to give endangered turtles one more chance on Serangan. TCEC is supported by WWF, Governor Bali, the major of Denpasar, municipality authorities, the Provincial Nature Resource Conservation Agency and the local community.

The four fundamental aspects to the center including putting a definitive end to turtle trade, by encouraging the public not to consume the turtle products (religious use or otherwise) and to support turtle Conservation in general; providing turtles for rituals without their killing and monitoring turtle size and number, so that their use can be strictly controlled and regulated; offering employment opportunities for locasl from Serangan; and finally acting as watchdog for turtle trade - in Serangan in particular and Bali in general.

The center also directly helps to protect turtles; e.g., by hosting injured animals, collecting nests from tourist beaches and buying eggs from locals ( prevent them from being consumed). The eggs are bred at the center  and the hatchlings are raised for about one month and then released into freedom. Out of the seven sea turtle species, three are kept and raise at the center.  


The TCEC helps to preserve these

wonderful creatures going extinct. However, as all charitable organizations, we strongly depend on donations. Every amount, even a small one, will help us.

Adopt a baby turtle

At our center it is possible to get personally involved. For a small donation you can adopt your own baby turtle and give it back to nature with your own hands

Become a volunteer

Volunteering with sea turtles is a once in a lifetime experience. If you are looking to spend some time as a volunteer, please contact us or visit our website.


Joy Turtle Release

Joy Turtle Lead

Every step of team to visit every place to share an information to closer with turtle and send a concern to nature. Teaching some not only into formal school that possibility into everywhere. With practice something. In this generation all information are easy hold into hand

This time team try to make some of workshop with kids to send the easy information and try to closer with turtle and join in the program to release babies turtle in news hatching.  Early morning our crew are prepare all stuff to come the children into garden at Nusa dua beach we drive about one hour to reach the location with 4 people of us. Passing the Denpasar of Bali capital city through main street of By pass  I Gusti Ngurah Rai direction to Nusa Dua one of popular tourism and resort in Bali on the way to location

We see a lot local activities driving bike to making joy journey and healthy sport. After one hours driving we pass of Nusa dua  gate and our car start to westin Bali Hotel.  Not far we soon at the location, this Area surround by green garden with unique decoration of traditional Bali statue. We passed the security guard to check and enter the area, it is not far from security we passing the green garden of Nusa dua Resort to Hotel. To double check into Hotel before to the area where we would be presenting. After we continue to beach are near the beach club the3re we were prepare the presentation and the babies turtle before they release, all children were put enthusiastic to hear the information and to see the picture.

It was glad session after the young people could asking or share the information on their experience with sea turtle.  With their enthusiastic they a lot question until our time not longer to turtle release session. Other of our crews prepared the babies turtle at beach to let them free with all kids at the bank. They look so happy to see this procced an did the experience by their hand to release babies turtle into nature

All think our team do to remind the generation learn can be everywhere and close to let know do more to our planet to keep our balancing with nature           



Long Journey to Home

On long journey way to home,  start beginning of their wonderful beach from under the sand their step to challenge the world. on first their step to the beach it is welcome by sunrise to hiding them from their enemy. until touch the water and feel the fresh of sea water from deep ocean. it can't stop their flipper to swim more and more to travel of their world in the blue sea with lot adventure from happiness and challenge their enemy to continue up their ocean. into the deep ocean with healthy condition prepare a lot nutrition to grew up them into giant sea turtle will be the legendary of long travel into ocean. time by time small turtle grew up still hiding and protection them live from predator and selection to be the greater traveler. every single step of them adventure keep survival from them live. until a time be mystery of they live into ocean. and turn to massive turtle under the reef with spa service from small fish to clean their back to give the sea turtle relaxing for while. to the great moment after 20 years final they met with another turtle to see each other. that also not easy . cause of the competitor of their species to get one of the beauty selection female sea turtle. then the holly ceremony to continue the generation. then the the female of greater sea turtle after one month time to travel back to beach which were their hatchling. perhaps some part beach are already change after 20 years.in the night with nature music the greater female dig a sand to protect them eggs from other animal and the female will leave their nest to continue their journey until 45 to 60 all babies hatchling. and continue the legendary of great sea turtle travel