Turtle conservation and education center ( tcec ) in addition as a place to care for save the turtles and turtles , tcec give information as communication media and learning with the general public , students and Representative be a place for research especially about turtles , rove information about for exotic turtles . With facilities of the classroom , to support the ease in sharing information . Make an interesting experience in life look directly for the turtles in cover . In cooperation with governments  information divide in general  protection  turtle about widely

live skills

In addition to give information to the general public and students , turtle center share life skills training by processing products environment  friendly souvenirs , fuel-fired that is easily found in place around and could become another alternative for the local community as a work based on micro ,  market  product , and in attacks to introduce tourism alternative . cause of island tourist visits to the fore and independent economic can build for the community without killing sea turtles . In an economic commodity to reason